Thursday, January 12, 2006

A fine quick curry

The recipe for this meal is in this post.

We ended up getting home relatively late, and Samantha had to go out to the store for the coconut milk (which was mysteriously missing from the cupboard,) but while she was gone I prepared the rest of the curry and it just took a few minutes to be ready to serve once she returned. I ended up using about double the specified amount of chili powder that was specified, and could have added more or else added a few red pepper flakes to ratchet up the zing a bit. I think that the paprika probably needs to be replaced with something else, as well - maybe garam masala - because I think that the paprika muddies the flavor of the turmeric.

We served the curry over short-grain white rice with a side of sliced cucumber (which should have really been coated with plain yoghurt, but we were out) and a bowl of mixed rasins and peanuts, which provided a nice contrast to the curry.

Overall, I'd give this curry a B-. It's flavors are fairly pedestrian, but the simplicity and short cooking time make it a decent time crunch meal.

I had been meaning to post the stuffed pork chop recipe tonight, but it's already quite late and the bed is calling!


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