Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tuesday's Results

Dinner was exceptional. The steaks were done to pink perfection, with the centers rare and tender throughout. The only problem was that I let the pan get a little bit too hot, and so even with the short cooking time there was a little charring on the surface. I think that in the past I haven't encountered this because I was using beef tenderloin, which is slightly larger in diameter than the venison loin I used this time, so there wasn't as much surface area to absorb the heat from the pan. Next time I think I'll have the burner just a touch below the maximum setting when using these small cuts.

The potatoes ended up taking a little longer to cook than expected, so we ended up eating the steaks first and the potatoes later. I cooked three steaks for the two of us, so the third will be meat for a gourmet sandwich for lunch later in the week!


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