Saturday, January 07, 2006

Taste the world.

Behold, a blog is born!

remdja is a word in the lojban language that literally means "food for humans." Food is central to the human existence, yet in the modern world feeding ourselves is relegated to what amounts to a mundane maintenance task! Food is prepackaged, made bland to the point of being inedible, and robbed of nutrition by the processing to which we subject it.

I say, enough is enough. Food is the most fundamental source of life, health, of great pleasure if made carefully, attentively, and by hand.

I've found that it's not so much that people don't want to cook; it's just that they don't understand how to integrate cooking well into their daily lives. The most difficult thing I find about keeping up the quality of my eating is that, in order to cook, you must plan. You need know what you're cooking ahead of time to have the proper ingredients on hand, and making decisions about what to cook is tough! That's where this blog comes in. My goal is to prepare weekly menus, complete with recipes, so that those who so are inclined can follow along to whatever degree they like and have a plan for their eating so that they aren't left unprepared, and without an idea of what to eat on any given night. The recipes that I prepare are generally healthy and the meals balanced, though I occasionally splurge a bit. Expect to see a fair bit of spicy food as well!

One thing that you'll notice is that I make EXTENSIVE use of the freezer. Almost all of the meals that Samantha and I prepare generate some quantity of leftovers, and I'm a great fan of having a fair number of homemade meals pre-prepared and frozen, ready to be pulled out to thaw in the morning so that I don't have to cook more than three or four nights a week. Having a dedicated freezer (mine is a 21 cubic foot upright) also makes it possible to take great advantage of special sales on meat or frozen vegetables, or buying in bulk from Costco or Sam's Club. I'm also a hunter, so we have a steady supply of venison and basically never buy beef.

If you plan to follow along, then welcome! I'll try to answer any questions that you post as comments.


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